First Workout

Attempting to get back in the game while still being a little sick.  I put this set together the other night and executed; only was able to get through the circuit 3x in about 50 minutes (includes warm-up time).  I enjoyed it.

MedBall/Slider 1

Standard Warm-Up 3×10 each

Quadruped hip extension/abduction
Quadruped shoulder flexion/scaption
Standing Monster Walks
Overhead Squats

Main Set x 3-5

10 reps modified 1-arm Push-Ups (med ball under chest)/10 standard push-ups

10 single leg bridges/15 crunches with medicine ball

10 each side-lying or side-plank hip abduction

10 each med ball reverse lunge with chop/10 alternating split jumps

Here’s a video of the push-ups.

Modified 1-arm push ups for people who can’t do 1-arm push-ups from OlderSmarterRipped on Vimeo.

Got it in.


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