Ironman Training: riding on rollers

My rollers came in last Friday and I made it my goal to get in a 2-hour ride this weekend.  Unlike stationary trainers, rollers force a more even pedal stroke, you use your core the entire time to balance, and rather than being fixed in one position, you can actually move a little to the right and left.

The following video was taken AFTER my 2 hour ride.  I tried standing while riding, riding with 1-arm, and I even did some time without hands.

First Big Roller Ride 12-18-2016 from OlderSmarterRipped on Vimeo.

My goal is to put in at least 10 hours a week of riding, doing most of the time on my rollers to improve my balance, technique, and core strength.  I’ll use my fluid trainer to do some interval training and some power sets.

I misplaced my chest strap so you won’t see this data on Polar Flow or Strava.

More to come.


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