Riding Rollers, 30 days straight…

I’ve ridden my Bike Nashbar Parabolic Rollers for 30 days straight now, averaging 61 minutes per session.  I downloaded the SECONDS PRO interval time app for $4.99 and created 12 different interval training sessions ranging from 52 minutes to 2 hours and I think that darn app has helped me through the boredom of riding in place.

I’ve learned how to mount the rollers and start pedaling without a platform to stand on or walls around me.  I’ve also learned how to ride in aero position, without using my hands, and I can even do single leg pedaling with 1 leg clipped in.

I attribute my improvements to the fact that I have parabolic rollers that keep me from rolling off the roller.  When I start riding too far to one side, the tires rub against the parabolic portion of the drum and I’m forced to steer towards the middle.  I must admit that I still haven’t had a session where I start and finish without falling off to the side.  I typically fall sideways when I drop from pushing big gears to little ones; the drastic change in pedal acceleration often throws my balance off.  I have a bone bruise on my left fibula from landing on a large plastic plant pot that was next to me.

I’ll be going long this weekend to see how the road feels after all my time on the rollers.

Stay  tuned ….


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