173 days to Race Day Diet

I weighed in at 191 lbs. two days ago and 189 lbs. this morning (fricken unacceptable since I want to be 150 lbs. by race day).  Just got back from my  1 week vacation to northern CA and am refreshed and ready to get ripped and fast.

Here’s my plan for nutritional success.  Gonna eat salads, meat with veggies, and anything else that conforms to high fat low carb, and moderate protein. Salads:

  • Cobb salad
  • Chinese Chicken Salad
  • Southwest Salad
  • Ceasar Salad
  • Chicken/Fish/Beef
    • Asian Dressing
    • Ranch Dressing
    • Goddess Dressing


Meat and Veggie Combos

  • Chicken/Fish/Beef
    • with green beans
    • with asparagus
    • with zucchini
    • with brussel sprouts

We’ll see how it goes and I’ll add to this list as I find more good stuff to eat.




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