Yesterday’s Food Selection

I chopped up some romaine lettuce, and ate it with some fried chicken that I purchased in bulk from the local Ralphs supermarket. I had a taco where the tortilla had about 15 grams of carbohydrates and my wife had put some sliced potato in the taco so there were some carbs but definitely under 50 grams.


Had a breakfast salad that consisted of chopped up Romaine lettuce some almonds and again Fried Chicken.

In addition to the food that’s shown, I had two small pieces of dark chocolate and each piece had 5 grams of carbohydrates.  I also had a bag of almonds (12 grams carbs) on my way to work.

Will stay on this whole posting thing…it’ll help me stay on track.

Stay tuned for more,



173 days to Race Day Diet

I weighed in at 191 lbs. two days ago and 189 lbs. this morning (fricken unacceptable since I want to be 150 lbs. by race day).  Just got back from my  1 week vacation to northern CA and am refreshed and ready to get ripped and fast.

Here’s my plan for nutritional success.  Gonna eat salads, meat with veggies, and anything else that conforms to high fat low carb, and moderate protein. Salads:

  • Cobb salad
  • Chinese Chicken Salad
  • Southwest Salad
  • Ceasar Salad
  • Chicken/Fish/Beef
    • Asian Dressing
    • Ranch Dressing
    • Goddess Dressing


Meat and Veggie Combos

  • Chicken/Fish/Beef
    • with green beans
    • with asparagus
    • with zucchini
    • with brussel sprouts

We’ll see how it goes and I’ll add to this list as I find more good stuff to eat.




Riding Rollers, 30 days straight…

I’ve ridden my Bike Nashbar Parabolic Rollers for 30 days straight now, averaging 61 minutes per session.  I downloaded the SECONDS PRO interval time app for $4.99 and created 12 different interval training sessions ranging from 52 minutes to 2 hours and I think that darn app has helped me through the boredom of riding in place.

I’ve learned how to mount the rollers and start pedaling without a platform to stand on or walls around me.  I’ve also learned how to ride in aero position, without using my hands, and I can even do single leg pedaling with 1 leg clipped in.

I attribute my improvements to the fact that I have parabolic rollers that keep me from rolling off the roller.  When I start riding too far to one side, the tires rub against the parabolic portion of the drum and I’m forced to steer towards the middle.  I must admit that I still haven’t had a session where I start and finish without falling off to the side.  I typically fall sideways when I drop from pushing big gears to little ones; the drastic change in pedal acceleration often throws my balance off.  I have a bone bruise on my left fibula from landing on a large plastic plant pot that was next to me.

I’ll be going long this weekend to see how the road feels after all my time on the rollers.

Stay  tuned ….


Breakfast of a Champion…in my own mind

Green beans and roasted pork for 12pm brunch.

Ate like crap over the weekend but as m back on the Keto wagon.  Finished the week yesterday with almost 10 hours of cycling.  It will only get better.  I return to teaching my morning group exercise class tomorrow and I’m excited.  

Diet wasn’t perfect but as of yesterday, I’ve ridden my rollers and stationary trainer for 25 days straight; it’s the most consistent I’ve been in a VERY long while.  It’s become a habit and such habits get me going in the right direction.

1-Hour easy spin tonight on the rollers.  I plan on going easy the next 2 days and hitting some hard 10-minute sets on the fluid trainer later this week.

Stay tuned for more,


Ironman Training: riding on rollers

My rollers came in last Friday and I made it my goal to get in a 2-hour ride this weekend.  Unlike stationary trainers, rollers force a more even pedal stroke, you use your core the entire time to balance, and rather than being fixed in one position, you can actually move a little to the right and left.

The following video was taken AFTER my 2 hour ride.  I tried standing while riding, riding with 1-arm, and I even did some time without hands.

First Big Roller Ride 12-18-2016 from OlderSmarterRipped on Vimeo.

My goal is to put in at least 10 hours a week of riding, doing most of the time on my rollers to improve my balance, technique, and core strength.  I’ll use my fluid trainer to do some interval training and some power sets.

I misplaced my chest strap so you won’t see this data on Polar Flow or Strava.

More to come.


Ironman Base Training


Base training goals are the following:

  • Strength
    • I’ve got to make sure the muscles and other connective tissue is strong enough to support the volume and tension associated with 140.2 miles.
  • Endurance
    • My body needs to be conditioned to provide, sustain, and process the energy required to go 10+ hours.
  • Mobility
    • I have joint mobility deficits that have a profound effect on my movement.  Addressing them this early in training will allow me to focus solely on condition the closer I get to race day.
  • Movement Efficiency
    • I need to make sure my form is on point before I start really putting in the heavy miles.  The better my form, the less energy required to move from point A to B.
    •  Conditioning with poor form in any of the 3 sports will likely lead to compensation and tissue breakdown (injury).

I’m putting together my training regimen and plan on doing base training for at least the next 3 months.


I’m going to utilize a general strength training protocol that utilizes bodyweight, dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, and suspension trainers.

I’ll incorporate some specific strength but with the 1:4 work to rest interval to allow for maximum resistance and adequate recovery time.  The recovery time is important as I will be doing high volume training.  Specific strength will include mashing big gears and hill training on the bike, paddle and fin training for the swim, and short sprints and hill training for the run.


LSD, LSD, LSD (not the drug, long slow distance training).  I’ve seen tons of articles attempting to discredit long easy training but it continues to prove itself time and time again.  There is a time and a place for everything and all the articles against LSD training suggested high intensity interval style training that I DO plan on doing, but definitely later in the game after my build.


Stretch, roll, core, and therapeutic strengthening of glutes, and posterior cuff muscles.  I’ve got short hip flexors, weak glutes, excessive tightness about both shoulders, and weak shoulder stabilizers and so addressing such issues will DEFINITELY improve my fitness.


This involves mobility but more so my running, biking, and swimming form.  When doing my LSD training for each respective sport, I’ll be incorporating form drills to improve my efficiency.

I’ll be posting training videos to demonstrate training techniques.